Pride Lands Veg Fertilizer, 10 lbs


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Nature’s Pride combines the wisdom of past cultures with today’s most advanced production techniques to create an unparalleled fertilizer product. This unique blend of amendments and fertilizer utilize high quality, and rarely used ingredients such as Biochar and Mycorrhizae. These ingredients combine to produce a highly effective, soil reviving fertilizer.

The ancient Amazonians are best known for the ultra fertile soils they created over a thousand years ago. Terra Preta is the term used to describe soils that are rich in Biochar, microbes, and natural amendments. Nature’s Pride fertilizer incorporates this ancient knowledge into every bucket to bring the secrets of the Amazon directly to your garden.

Nature’s Pride Veg Fertilizer:

This innovative powdered blend combines premium fertilizers with Biochar to create a simple to use formula that provides the soil nutrition necessary for strong, vigorous growth. Breathe life into your soil with Nature’s Pride Veg.

Can Be Used:
Before planting/season starter
Top dressing throughout growing season
Container plants
Indoor soil mix

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 18.5 × 11.5 × 18.5 in


Pride Lands Veg Fertilizer, 10 lbs



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