Phantom Commercial DE Enclosed Reflector (with armature)


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PHRS010 Reflector: Hydrofarm engaged a renowned American lighting engineer to design the most efficient DE enclosed type reflector on the market. This reflector delivers focused light and effectively dissipates heat while operating the DE lamp at ideal temperatures for maximum light output and lamp life.  

  • Double-ended system delivers higher PAR value with incredible uniformity
  • Enclosed design for maximum focused light output, optimum heat management, and longer lamp life
  • Highly efficient in overlapping multi-light configurations
  • Premium aluminum European hammertone interior: 99.85% pure, 95% reflectivity
  • European-made VS K12 x 30s high temperature lamp holders 

* We recommend that when you replace your lamps, you also replace your reflectors at the same time. This will restore reflector performance’”and thus system performance’”to like-new quality.

Please note that for remote usage, a lamp extension cord is required. Hydrofarm offers 5 foot (CSXCORD5), 15 foot (CSXCORD) and 25 foot (CSXCORD25) options.






Additional information

Weight 5.65 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 11.5 × 6.5 in


Phantom Commercial DE Enclosed Reflector (with armature)



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