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Bloom Natural 0-10-0

If you were looking for a natural bloom formula with some major punch to it, you have found it.

Humboldt Nutrients Bloom Natural is an ultra-concentrated natural bloom formula designed to give your plants the large phosphorus and calcium boost needed during the flowering period.

Using Bloom Natural in conjunction with Grow Natural, and DeuceDeuce will allow your plants to reach their full potential.

Bloom Natural induces a superb flowering response in all plants, encouraging multiple flowering sites. This produces a massive crop, a high quality yield and flavorful fruits.

Derived naturally from Soft Rock Phosphate and kelp, this is the high quality premium nutrient line that professional gardeners trust.

The use of Bloom Natural promotes full flavors, aromas and beautiful bouquets obtained through the use of rich and pure natural ingredients provided by Humboldt Nutrients.

Using Humboldt Nutrients Organics provides reliable crop quality and quantity time after time, harvest after harvest.


Mix 5-15 mL per gallon of water. Follow feeding schedule guidelines provided by HUMBOLDT NUTRIENTS


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