Harvest Keeper® Vacuum Sealer Commercial Grade


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Harvest Keeper® Vacuum Sealer Commercial Grade is a premium heavy-duty vacuum sealer. The Harvest Keeper® Vacuum Sealer is constructed from durable stainless steel material and features a digital display board for adjusting settings. Incorporated in the design is preset function control options, which allow you to choose seal time, vacuum level and marinade mode, making this unit the most versatile sealer in its class. This unit is fully automatic. Once your settings are selected, press the “start” button and let the machine do the work. The Harvest Keeper® Vacuum Sealer allows you to control the seal time of your bags between a 5–8 sec range. Sealing time depends on the thickness of bags and the material type of the bag. Choosing the degree of vacuum you want to use has never been easier; simply select high, medium or low. Accommodates up to 15 in wide bags or rolls.

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Weight 17.9 lbs
Dimensions 21 × 10.9 × 10.2 in


Harvest Keeper Vacuum Sealer Commercial Grade (2/Cs)



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