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Harvest Keeper Bhudz Bags provide protection and preservation during short-term curing and transportation of plants, fruits, vegetables and more. As the next evolution in packaging, these harvest bags are crafted intentionally for the needs of aroma-rich, terpene-packed plants like cannabis, herbs, and beyond. Keep your flowers and other high-value crops fresh long after they’ve been picked with these storage bags. Every Bhudz Bag is comprised of six carefully selected layers, each serving a distinct purpose. They also work together to preserve weight and appearance, protect potency, and extend the shelf life of your crop while you prepare it for the next step.   Oxygen & Humidity Layers:??????? Together, these layers slow a plant’s respiration process when in storage, diffusing oxygen and excess water vapor out. By preventing oxidation before it happens, these bags help ensure mold can’t grow, and your plant retains its weight and potency. UV Layer: Protecting against UV rays is critical for preventing degradation of your crop. This layer blocks harmful rays from breaking down your plant’s organic matter and causing loss of potency during long-term storage. Durability & Odor Layers: These two layers help guarantee maximum puncture-resistance during packaging and transport, and make sure the smell of your crop is contained until it’s time to unpack some serious aroma. Anti-Static Layer: To prevent your trichomes—where most of a plant’s high-value terpenes are—from sticking to the sides of the bag and getting stripped off, Bhudz Bags create a neutral charge down the sidewall. That way, your trichomes stay put, terpenes stay in tact, and profits stay high.

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Weight 0.05 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 18 × 0.08 in


Harvest Keeper Bhudz Bag – Small 18in x 22in (100 bags/box), Harvest Keeper Bhudz Bag – Large 24 In x 40 in (50 bags/box)



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