Gavita Pro CMH 630e 208-240 Volt


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The Gavita Pro 630e SE is available with the Philips 315 watt 3000° Kelvin lamps (for flowering) or 4200° Kelvin lamps (for vegetative or supplemental use). The fixture is equipped with the M 132 SE CMH630 reflector (medium, 132 degrees beam angle, for double CDM 315 fixtures). The medium reflector is designed for CMH only installations and will give you over 90% uniformity on your crop with an optimal horizontal penetration of the crop. The Repeater Bus interface enables external control with the Gavita Master controllers. The Pro 630e CMH contains two 315W CMH lamps. We use an intelligent double ballast concept, enabling to switch off one lamp in the fixture. To make sure that both lamps have equal burning hours and to balance light on the crop, we alternate which lamp is switched off every time an autodim event occurs or when you dim down to a low level.

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Weight 14.25 lbs
Dimensions 23.6 × 9.9 × 12.2 in


Gavita CMH 630e 208-240 3100k Lamp, Gavita CMH 630e 208-240 4200k Lamp



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