Gavita Pro CMH 315e 208-240 Volt


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The Gavita Pro 315e SE is available with the Philips 315 watt 3000° Kelvin lamps (for flowering) or 4200° Kelvin lamps (for vegetative or supplemental use). It is a compact fixture with a new type of reflector mounting system: Instead of a bracket which holds the reflector on both sides, the reflector is now clipped on the ballast housing itself. This reduces size and weight, enables easy replacement and provides optimal positioning and stability of the small reflector. Ideal for fixed installation with brackets on Unistrut (C profile) systems, the Repeater Bus cabling system allows you to daisy-chain the fixtures in your installation. A Repeater Bus interconnect cable is included with every fixture. You can connect 5 strings of 100 fixtures per Master controller port. This enables you to control up to 1000 fixtures on one EL2 controller.

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Weight 9.1 lbs
Dimensions 15.4 × 9.9 × 10 in


Gavita CMH 315e 208-240 3100k Lamp, Gavita CMH 315e 208-240 4200k Lamp



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