Botanicare® Grow Mod Tray System – 4 Foot


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Botanicare® Grow Mod Trays are durable, customizable grow trays made from heavy-gauge ABS that resist bowing, cracking and leaking, so you can grow with confidence. The sidewalls on these versatile hydroponic grow trays are 4.5 inches high, providing more flexibility and making them ideal for drip, ebb and flow, or lettuce raft growing. Choose between 4- or 5-foot widths, and extend the length from 10-foot 6 inch to 100-foot 6 inch in 5-foot increments, to best suit your greenhouse or other growing space. A drain screen with 3 punch outs make access to plumbing lines easy. Sealant yields 16.75 feet of seams (4 ft – 3.7 seams, 5 ft – 3 seams).

Additional information

Weight 22.64 lbs
Dimensions 67.001 × 47.135 × 5.688 in


Botanicare 4' Black ABS Drain Tray, Botanicare 4' Black ABS Mid Tray, Botanicare 4'W x 5'L Black ABS End Tray, Botanicare 4'Wx2'L Black ABS End Tray, Botanicare 4'Wx3'L Black ABS End Tray, Botanicare 4'Wx4'L Black ABS End Tray



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