Big Foot Mycorrhizae Granular


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A brand new take on mycorrhizae! Big Foot Granular is the ultimate mycorrhizal transplant product.

Big Foot Granular contains:

 Endomycorrhizae (1 species, Glomus intraradices (aka rhizophagus intraradices))
 Softwood biochar (sourcing only Douglas Fir)
 Worm castings 
 Humic acid 
 Trace minerals 

Through extensive research and development, it was found that by adding beneficials to Big Foots superior mycorrhizal spores, unprecedented colonization levels can be achieved. It’s not just about how much mycorrhizae is in the product, it’s about adding the correct ingredients that promote and stimulate colonization. 

Big Foot Granular is a stand-alone all-in-one root inoculum that will limit transplant shock, improve pathogen suppression, accelerate germination, increase yield and vigor, and lead to explosive root growth. Big Foot achieves all of this naturally and organically. 

Big Foot Granular is OMRI listed and a CDFA certified organic input material. Big Foot is excited to announce that this product has earned the certification of ‘œJeff Lowenfels Teaming with Microbes Approved Product’ which tests organic microbial products for their performance and label efficacy. Big Foot Granular is one of only two mycorrhizal products to earn this prestigious seal of approval, joining its sister product, Big Foot Concentrate! 

Applications: Transplant only, dust potting hole, mix with soil, dust root ball.

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Weight 0.28 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 5 × 8 in


Big Foot Mycorrhizae Granular, 4 oz, Big Foot Mycorrhizae Granular, 10 lb, Big Foot Mycorrhizae Granular, 2 lb, Big Foot Mycorrhizae Granular, 50 lb



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