Autopilot 24 hr Day & Night Cooling/Heating Thermostat


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Autopilot 24 hr Day & Night Cooling/Heating ThermostatThe APCET2 is a temperature controller that can be used as a cooling OR a heating device. It automatically powers the device connected based on the selected day and night set points. The user can choose to have different day and night temperature set points that are automatically detected by the built-in photocell. The knobs make it easy to adjust the settings. We added a Memory-lock feature which will lock the set points into memory for consistent performance, even if the knobs are accidently bumped.

 Controls heating or cooling equipment with both day/night set points 
 Includes 20′ remote precision temperature sensor 
 Temperature control differential +/- 3°F 
 Built-in photocell 
 50°F’“100°F control range 
 120v, 15 amps max

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 5 in


Autopilot 24 hr Day & Night Cooling/Heating Thermostat



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