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StartBoost along with Fasilitor are the foundation products of the Aptus Premium Collection range. Aptus StartBoost is comprised of humic acid derived from leonardite, a natural source of humic acid mined from the Earth.
Humic acid is filled with long chain carbon-based molecules that have an affinity for chelating elements from the soil; as such it may increase the uptake of micronutrients. 

When feeding with Aptus Plant Tech products, StartBoost is the primary additive used throughout the vegetative phase of growth and into the first week of flowering. After week 1 of flowering, StartBoost is not to be used. 

Directions for use:
 Use for the entire vegetative phase of growth and week 1 of flowering at the rate of 1ml per gallon
 Use alone at the rate of 1ml per liter for a dedicated seedling or rooted clone drench
 Dilute at the rate of 1:100 or 10ml per liter for a root dip solution for transplanting rooted cuttings.

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