Aptus Breakout Powder, (5-Pack)


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Aptus Breakout Powder – PK Booster (0-35-23) – 100 g For a final boost in bloom growth and essential oil building with a PK roundhouse at the end of your flowering cycle. Aptus Breakout Powder rivals the power and results of to House & Garden’s Shooting Powder.

What is Breakout Powder?
Aptus Breakout Powder is mega bloom supplement. Breakout Powder provides that extra kick for the final push of flowering in the late stages of bloom and can increase yields dramatically. 

Increased Phosphorus aids in the ability for a plant to process light through its leaves Photosynthesis. Phosphorus is a key element for establishing flowers and root development as well as oil and sugar production. 

Potassium also plays a key role in oil and sugar production by developing carbohydrates for fuel required for cell division. Magnesium is a very important component of many enzymes and is necessary for photosynthesis. It also helps carry Phosphorus into the plant. 

Your plants deserve a break, give them Breakout Powder!

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Aptus Breakout Powder, (5-Pack)



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