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Introducing the fastest way to experience the power of true plant science. The Aptus Ambassador Pack contains 3.4-oz. bottles of the entire Aptus line of grow and bloom additives. This compact pack will prepare up to 160 gal. of feed water. If you want to give Aptus a trial run, this is your chance to get started quickly and easily. 

What’s Inside?

Education Mini-Manual
The best product is worthless without proper knowledge. This mini-manual will get you on the tright track to growing successfully with Aptus.

Fasilitor 100 ml
Contains the only bio-available form of silicon that builds better cell structure, increases the uptake of nutrients, and stimulates the plant’s natural immune system. 

Startboost 100 ml
Highly concentrated organic formulation enhances soil structure, builds healthy micro-life populations, and gives young plants a faster and more robust start. 

Bloomboost 100 ml
Highly concentrated organic formulation provides bio-stimulation from L-amino acids, plant hormones, vitamins, and carbohydrates for your microlife.

Peakboost 100 ml
Highly bioavailable sources of phosphorus combined with L-amino acids to provide energy and bio-stimulation to your plants during the active bloom phase. 

Finaleboost 100 ml
An excellent source of potassium and sulfur to help your plants finish strong and produce optimal levels of essential oils, flavor and aromatic compounds. 

Massboost 100 ml
Highly concentrated blend of calcium and magnesium combined with L-amino acids to ensure rapid uptake and assimilation into your crop. 

Ecozen 100 ml
Multiple enzyme complexes breakdown dead root material and excess salts to increase nutrient absorption and stabilize the growing medium.

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Dimensions 3.75 × 7.75 × 5.25 in


Aptus Ambassador Pack



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