4 Lights/Load Switcher, 240V In, 240V Out, 120V Trigger


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– 240V supply (connect to main electrical panel or any 240V outlet connected to a breaker up to 40 A), four (4) 240V outputs
– One 15 A circuit breaker per outlet
– Safely switch high amperage equipment with low cost timer or controller
– Capable to power the outlets after a fixed or minimum ON Delay (0–20 minutes) with optional timer sold separately
– Capable to power the outlets in 2 steps with optional ILS4T-2 timer sold separately
– Plug sense adapter in a timer or controller: when the adapter is powered up, ILS4 switches ON

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Weight 3.75 lbs
Dimensions 10.6 × 6.25 × 5 in




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