Learn to Grow with Us

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Welcome to Savannah Hydroponics & Organics, your resource for specialty gardening supplies.  We have researched products from all over the world and feel confident that we offer the most diverse selection of high quality products available.  We have solutions for any budget, and all methods of growing.  Whether you’re a commercial hydroponic grower, or a beginner looking to start an organic garden as a new hobby, you’ll find what you need at Savannah Hydro.

Here at Savannah Hydroponics & Organics, we’re an advocate for planting and growing your own garden, filled with natural and organic fruits and vegetables.  There have been so many scares lately with the processing of food you find in stores.  With salmonella contamination becoming more and more common, there has never been a better time to take control and grow your own crops.  Companies often claim their produce is grown naturally, but it’s actually laden with harsh chemicals, some of which can pass organic certification.  Often, agricultural land has been used for mono-culture crops and  is robbed of almost all of its nutrients.  In order to mass produce and transport these crops, commercial farmers must harvest food long before it’s ripe with peak nutrition.  All reasons to come, Learn to Grow with Us!  With indoor gardening you control the environment, which means there are unlimited possibilities to what you can grow, in any season.

Many people are intimidated to grow their own garden, thinking that gardening takes too much time.  With our tools and techniques we’ll get you off on the right foot, and show you that it’s actually pretty easy.  Self watering, organic raised beds are a good way to start during outdoor growing seasons.  We have tested and carry the best hydroponic supplies, hydroponic growing systems, and organic products in the industry.  We know what works and what doesn’t which can save you money.  Stop by our store, or browse through our online catalog using the “Shop Online” tab.

Hydroponics is the leading way to grow a highly productive crop.  We can help you grow a natural, chemical free garden  that produces the most delicious and healthy food possible.  We carry all of the latest products from both the smallest and largest manufacturers.  If we don’t carry it, we’ll get it for you.  There is nothing better than giving your family the freshest, purest crops available, and with our hydroponic and organic gardening supplies, we can make that possible.

If you are currently growing a garden and need tips and tools to bring it to the next level, contact Savannah Hydroponics & Organics today. We are passionate about what we do and would be happy to share our knowledge and experiences. We’ve been in the business of growing hydroponic gardens for a long time and our services are unbeatable. Contact us today for more information.